1.Don’t leave it until last minute to think about your skin – the longer you have to correct any skin issues the better! Using products that contain AHAs (exfoliating acids) will help to remove dead skin cells, which tend to build up and leave our complexions looking dull and lifeless. Removing this dead layer will leave your skin looking fresher and more vibrant. Just remember to use a good SPF to avoid exposed skin becoming damaged. 2.Don’t try any new products up three weeks before your wedding – this includes skincare, hair care, make-up and even washing powder! Any kind of a reaction, it could take a couple of weeks to calm down, which is the last thing you need on your big day! 3.Start drinking green tea, preferably every day. Not only this can help with weight loss – alongside a good diet and exercise regime, of course – but many people swear by its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help brighten the skin and reduce acne. 4.Want to shed a few pounds before your wedding? Ensure that you use a nourishing moisturiser all over your body daily, as weight fluctuations can cause stretch marks. Its important to keep the skin well nourished – look out for ingredient= such as vitamin E.